Proper maintenance is important if maximum life of the end product is desired.

1)  Keep dirt, leaves and other debris from accumulating on the fabric surface.  Washing the canvas down with a garden hose on a bright sunny day is recommended about once a month.

2)  To remove dirt from either side of the material, use a soft brush and a mild soap solution  such as Ivory, Woolite or Dreft. (Do Not use detergents or bleach)  Rinse thoroughly with clear water and let dry completely before rolling, stowing or storing. (Do Not store or roll while canvas is wet) Mildew growth will occur if canvas is folded and stored while wet.

3)  Avoid cleaning at a commercial car wash. (Do Not use a pressure washer or steam cleaner)

If the canvas has any tears, holes or seam failures, repair them immediately as to prevent the problem from getting bigger.